FebruaryThe Art of Working Effectively4 days12-15 Feb Classroom (F2F) InstOG, Muscat 
Mining Exploration Methodology5 days12 – 16 Feb Classroom (F2F) InstOG, Muscat 
Introduction to Petroleum Exploration and Production with OilSim5 days12 – 16 Feb Classroom (F2F) InstOG, Muscat 
Change Management3 days28 Feb – 2 Mar Classroom (F2F) InstOG, Muscat 
Mining Geological and Resource Modelling5 days26 Feb – 2 Mar Classroom (F2F) InstOG, Muscat 
Oil Production & Processing Facilities PF4 (2)10 days26 Feb – 07 Mar Classroom (F2F) InstOG, Muscat 
MarchFirst Time Leadership5 days5 – 9 Mar Classroom (F2F) InstOG, Muscat 
Drilling Engineering5 Days 5 – 9 Mar Classroom (F2F) InstOG, Muscat 
Finance for non-finance5 days 5 – 9 Mar Classroom (F2F) InstOG, Muscat 
Gas Conditioning & Processing (G4)10 days05 – 14 Mar Classroom (F2F) InstOG, Muscat 
Risk-based Process Safety Management-  HS455 days12 – 16 Mar Classroom (F2F) InstOG, Muscat 
MayIntroduction to Petroleum Exploration and Production with OilSim5 days7 – 11 May Classroom (F2F) InstOG, Muscat 
Oil Production & Processing Facilities PF410 days14 – 23 MayClassroom (F2F)InstOG, Muscat 
Introduction to Mining3 days9 – 11 MayClassroom (F2F)InstOG, Muscat 
June Applied Production Logging and Reservoir Monitoring.5 Days18 – 22  JunClassroom (F2F)InstOG, Muscat 
Introduction for Oil and Gas3 days6-8 JunClassroom (F2F)InstOG, Muscat 
JulyMaintenance and Reliability5 Days9 – 13 July Classroom (F2F)InstOG, Muscat 
Basic Workover5 Days9 – 13 JulyClassroom (F2F) InstOG, Muscat 
AugustWell Integrity – Cased Hole Logging and Monitoring5 Days 6 -10 AugClassroom (F2F)InstOG, Muscat 
Business Plan2 days27-28 AugClassroom (F2F)InstOG, Muscat 
SeptemberCapital projects and cost estimation5 days3-7 SepClassroom (F2F)InstOG, Muscat 
Advanced Sandstone Interpretations5 Days17 – 21 SepClassroom (F2F)InstOG, Muscat 
OctoberIntegrated Reservoir Modeling: Interpretation, Evaluation, and Optimization with Petrel5 Days 1 – 5 OctClassroom (F2F)InstOG, Muscat 
Advanced Carbonates Interpretations5 Days22-26 Oct Classroom (F2F) InstOG, Muscat 
NovemberFault Geometries and Fractures Patterns of Petroleum Reservoirs4 days6-9 NovClassroom (F2F) InstOG, Muscat  
Process Safety Engineering PS-45 days12 – 16 NovClassroom (F2F) InstOG, Muscat