Services Marketing

About the course:

A Services Marketing training course is essential for individuals involved in promoting and managing services. Services marketing differs from product marketing due to the intangible nature of services, and this course should address the unique challenges and strategies associated with marketing services effectively.


  • Introduction to Services Marketing
  • Service Design and Development
  • Understanding Customer Behavior in Services
  • Building a Service Brand
  • Distribution Channels in Services
  • Service Delivery Channels
  • Traditional digital service delivery
  • Multi-channel strategies
  • Managing Service Distribution
  • Ensuring consistency across channels
  • Addressing challenges in service delivery
  • Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction
  • Measuring Service Quality
  • SERVQUAL model and other frameworks
  • Service Recovery
  • Dealing with service failures
  • Turning negative experiences into positive ones
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)