Waterflood Management

Year 3 Program Title: Waterflood Management
Program Level:  Skill
This course will cover waterflooding and the distribution of immiscible fluids in a reservoir.  During this course, participants will also learn about the process of immiscible displacement in a reservoir along with the waterflood pattern options and its effects on the selection and orientation of flood performance.  Other concepts that will be covered include the prediction of waterflood performance by the application of classical waterflood predictions.  Analytical techniques and linear fractional flow theory will be discussed.  Participants will also be able to see a simulation of waterflooding.


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Introduction to Waterflooding


·   General waterflooding

·   Effects of drive mechanisms


Performance and Processes of Waterflooding


·   Rock properties and waterflooding

·   Drainage process

·   Capillary pressure

·   Production performance


Well Testing and Analysis


·   Hydrocarbon reserves volumetric method

·   Well Decline Curve Analysis

·   Material Balance Concepts

·   Principles Of Well Testing


Analytical and Prediction Methods


·   Analytical methods

·   Prediction methods


Simulations and Field Examples


·   Simulation of waterflooding and practical guidelines for reservoir simulators

·   Simulation of waterflooding using small and large scale models for calibration

·   Waterflooding field examples