HPHT Drilling Design and Operations

Year 3 Program Title: HPHT Drilling Design and Operations
Program Level:  Advanced
This course has been designed to help drilling engineering professionals understand the technologies, terminology, challenges, concepts, processes, and equipment used to drill High Pressure and High Temperature oil and gas wells.

This course addresses HPHT drilling issues and challenges. Participants will be expected to know many of the common conventional drilling technologies. The course does not address common drilling engineering such as trajectory design, casing design, mud systems, hole cleaning, or ballooning. However, where the HPHT environment has an effect on these drilling processes the course will highlight those specific issues.

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HPHT History and Challenges and the Geological Settings

·   Defining the HPHT Environment

·   HPHT Challenges and associated Standards and Practices

·   Geology in the HPHT Environment

·   HPHT Reservoirs

Well Design

·   Casing Design and Tubular Selection

·   Shoe Placement

·   Annular Pressure build up and Thermal De-rating

·   Casing Wear, H2S and CO2 Effects

·   Cementing Challenges and Practices

Fluids and Well Control

·   Drilling Fluid Aspects

·   Gas Solubility

·   Elastomers

·   Well Control, Ballooning, Wellbore Breathing

·   Gas Expansion

·   Well Control Procedures

Rig Surface Equipment and Drilling Operations

·   Surface Equipment for HPHT

·   Downhole Equipment Challenges

·   Managed Pressure Drilling

·   Finger Printing and Drilling Practices

·   Contingency Planning

·   Well Control Emergencies

Completions and Well Testing

·   HPHT Completions

·   Design Considerations

·   Component Selection and Specifications

·   Tubing Leak Contingencies

·   HPHT Well testing

·   Operational Testing Considerations

·   Well Testing Safety