Digital Marketing Foundations

About the course:

This training program is designed to provide a solid understanding of key digital marketing concepts, strategies, and tools. It covers various topics, from the basics to more advanced elements, to help participants build a strong foundation in digital marketing. You will learn how to promote your brand or business effectively online and develop a targeted marketing strategy that engages potential customers across the digital landscape. In this course, we articulate today’s digital marketing techniques—including how to build a successful online marketing campaign across channels: Search, social media, email, and display.

Our Vision:

Empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills to navigate the ever- evolving landscape of digital marketing, fostering innovation and success in a digital-first world.

Objective: Understand the basics of digital marketing and its importance in the modern business landscape. 

1Overview of Digital Marketing
2Definition and scope of digital marketing
3Evolution and significance in today’s world
4Digital Marketing Channels
5Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
6Social Media Marketing (SMM)
7Email Marketing
8Content Marketing
9Display Advertising
10Key Digital Marketing Metrics
11Impressions, Clicks, Conversions, CTR (Click-Through Rate), etc.