Credit Masterclass


Duration: 5 days


Moody’s Analytics Credit Masterclass provides a comprehensive seminar that takes participants through all stages of the credit process: from analyzing the single obliger to transaction analysis, credit decision, monitoring, early warning signs of deteriorating credit quality, to dealing with problem credits, debt restructuring and workouts, in doing so and where applicable, the course will draw on the insight, research, and rating methodologies of Moody’s Investors Service. Participants will be given practical “tools” which will serve as work aids when they are back in the field and apply the skills learned.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this workshop, delegates will be able to.

  • Apply a structured approach to corporate credit assessment, effectively understand and use Moody’s credit ratings.
  • Calculate and interpret key financial ratios used in the credit rating process, Interpret financial statements for their effectiveness, relevance, and vulnerability.
  • Apply effective tools for transaction analysis and structuring, Understand alternative measures of credit risk, such as market implied signals, and their use in credit analysis.
  • Anticipate and detect deteriorating cash flow quality, assess problem credits and explore options for early actions and restructuring.


Day 1

  • Session1: Assessing & Measuring Credit Risk
  • Session 2: Business Risk Assessment
  • Session 3: Financial Risk Assessment


  • Session 4: Cash Flow Analysis
  • Session 5: Debt Capacity & Debt Service Analysis
  • Session 6: Cash Flow Forecasting & Sensitivity Analysis
  • Session 7: Structure Risks


  • Session 8: Framework for Transaction Structuring
  • Session 9: Types & Role of Collateral
  • Session10: Types & Role of Documentation


  • Session11: Covenants & How to Set them.
  • Session12: Setting Internal Triggers for Monitoring
  • Session13: Putting it Together – Comprehensive Case Study


  • Session14: Causes & Signs of Company Distress
  • Session15: Effects of Financial Distress & Potential Options
  • Session16: Restructuring, Bankruptcy & Workout