Know Ya’ Boo making use of #1 social networking for 2: Avocado

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TL;DR: exactly like avocado trees require another tree nearby to carry good fresh fruit, connections require two loyal individuals to endure – and that’s where Avocado will come in useful. Offering lovers the opportunity to independently chat, share pictures and much more, Avocado is amongst the top couples apps around.

Social networking sites like myspace, Instagram and Twitter allow united states to stay connected with us, friends, work colleagues and even full strangers, exactly what about our considerable other individuals? Is there an outlet which enables partners to privately connect?

Well, there can be and it is labeled as Avocado.

An essential instrument for every duo, Avocado’s # 1 objective is to create connecting simpler – and additionally they’ve seriously accomplished that!

“Technology is enabling you to connect with men and women all over, but there is not so several choices to suit your foremost connection,” said Rachel Lorencz, Avocado’s consumer specialist. “our very own purpose has become to produce the absolute simplest way to help you keep in touch most abundant in essential individual inside your life.”

a myspace and facebook designed for two 

launched by Chris Wetherell and Jenna Bilotta in 2012, Avocado is amongst the couple of programs that provides associates, or “boos” as employees refer to them as, using features they actually require and want to remain linked throughout the day, such as real time messaging, discussed lists and calendars, digital hugs and kisses and more.

“We produced Avocado to bring lovers better together,” Wetherell said. “For some lovers, this means generating a feeling of nearness through texting and hugs characteristics, as well as for others, that implies having the ability to share lists and calendars effortlessly being save money time on points that matter.”

In many different languages via iOS and Android, Avocado is quickly getting perhaps one of the most preferred and most trusted programs for partners worldwide.

“partners are recognizing the worth of a secure and exclusive area only for two, particularly in light regarding the current celeb picture leaks,” Bilotta mentioned. “lovers need to have the freedom to speak and relate with a common individual without having to worry about privacy or safety. That is where Avocado comes in.”

Listening to what users wish 

Besides their cool attributes, streamlined layout and fun on-site individuality, the most important thing that establishes Avocado in addition to other lovers apps is actually its dedication to their people.

Whenever people are itching for a unique feature, Avocado is actually user-friendly adequate to understand what that next element should always be. In 2013, they included a feature that alerted consumers whenever their own boo’s power supply ended up being reasonable.

“We feel just like we’re much more practical than other couples apps. We really pay attention to our very own consumers, and then we try to build into the little things that will improve application much much more beneficial to lovers,” Lorencz mentioned.

Just what’s later on for Avocado? Duh, much more awesome methods because of their consumers!

In addition to preparing the app for iOS8, the Avocado crew is actually making a custom digital camera for Android people, for that reason establishing its spot as a genuine tech-savvy social networking for couples.

“In my opinion the crucial thing for us is we have been a part of innovation which is helping couples be closer,” Lorencz stated.



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