Solar Energy Basics


Day 1: Introduction & Solar Components:

  • Basics of Solar, Electric, EHE “Environmental and Health”.
  • Evaluation of Solar Resource: Solar Radiation
  • PV Theories, Data Sheet,
  • Steel Structure

Day 2: Solar Components & Design Steps

  • Practical Exercise of Design, Installation of matching SS for Chosen
  • Inverters Theories, Data Sheet,
  • Application of Inverter
  • Batteries, Protection
  • Quality standards of PV
  • Choosing the PV system components: Off-Grid
  • Choosing the PV system components: On Grid Systems
  • PV Operation & Maintenance Requirements
  • Practical Exercise of Design, Installation, and Operation of (Off-Grid PV System).

Day 3: Shop Drawing PV Software:

  • Intro to Sketchup 3D Pro 2021
  • Intro to PV Syst 74 Ver 2021
  • Intro to AutoCAD 2021
  • Apply Software to the practical

Day 4: Basics Solar Components:

  • Shop Drawing Calculations for PV
  • Bill of Quantity includes Main items and
  • ROI (Increasing the profitability from the PV Design)
  • PV Project Management includes a time
  • Preparing Tech and Commercial Offer

Day 5: Practical Project Design and Drawings Delivery:

  • Revise each Step and report as a graduation Includes:
    1. CAD Drawings
    2. PV Sys report
    3. BOQ – QS
    4. Tech Commercial Offer