Power system Harmonics

Power quality is an estimate of how stable the electrical system is, often this is described as “power quality health.” One of the parameters which have a deeply effect is power system Harmonics; Harmonics is measured on three- phase electrical systems using instrumentation that considers several variables for current and voltage. Troubleshooting power system harmonics issues will help your facility save money by optimizing energy use and protect equipment from future damage. The first step to evaluating power system harmonics is to capture data from equipment, infrastructure, and the service panel. The trainee will able to know Power system harmonics determines the fitness of electrical power to consumer devices. Synchronization of the voltage frequency and phase allows electrical systems to function in their intended manner without significant loss of performance. Without the proper power, an electrical device (or load) may malfunction, fail prematurely or not operate at all. By the end of the course the participants will be able to:
  • Understand the significance and detrimental effects of
  • Identify the origin of
  • Understand the difference between current and voltage
  • Estimate the THD in the
  • Propose and analyze harmonic mitigation
Duration: 5 days Agenda:  
Day Content/Topics
            1 ·        Pretest. ·        Introduction to harmonics and power quality and demand for clean power.
  • Introduction
  • Power system main configuration and component
  • Normal and abnormal electrical parameters levels
  • Definitions and concepts
  • Important terminologies
  • Harmonics analysis and its mathematical representation
  • Power System Quality
    • Harmonics.
    • Power Factor
  • Harmonic distortion standards
  • Limits of Harmonics (IEEE Std 519TM – 2014 )
    • Voltage Harmonics limit
    • Current Harmonics limit
  • Non-linear loads
  • Electronic variable speed drives and UPS
  • ·        Group Discussion & Quiz
    2 ·        Harmonics effects, common symptoms and negative consequences
  • Voltage dip and voltage sags mitigation Harmonics effects, common symptoms and negative consequences Effects of harmonics on electrical equipment Effects of short circuit ratio on harmonics Harmonic Cause Effect Analysis Harmonic mitigation solutions Total harmonics distortion calculations THD% The cost of harmonics and poor power quality Passive filters
·        Group discussion & Quiz
  3 ·        Equipment grounding and power quality
  • Earthing & EMC
  • Earthing systems – fundamentals of calculation and design
  • Earthing systems – basic constructional aspects
  • Earthing current fault analysis
  • Improving earthing system reliability
  • Resilient and reliable power system
·        Group discussion and quizzes
      4 ·        Managing and solution strategy for harmonics and power quality
  • Harmonic reduction, mitigation and attenuation options
  • Chokes (AC Line or DC Link)
  • Passive filters
  • Harmonic trap
  • High pulse count rectification
  • Active filters and drive front end
·        Group discussion and quizzes
        5 ·        General passive and active filter design procedures
  • Power filter topologies
  • Harmonics and power quality assessment, measurements and standards
  • Corrective actions and design solutions
  • Reactive energy compensation
  • Investment analysis for PQ Solutions
  • Tips, Application Considerations and Design Examples
·        General Discussion ·        Post Test