Power Apps and Power Automate: Advanced Patterns

Module 1: Custom Connectors

  • Introduction to custom connectors
  • Creating custom connectors using Azure Functions
  • Creating custom connectors using Logic Apps
  • Using custom connectors in workflows and apps

Module 2: Error Handling

  • Introduction to error handling
  • Using Power Automate’s built-in error handling actions
  • Using the OnError function in Power Apps
  • Best practices for error handling

Module 3: Advanced Approval Workflows

  • Introduction to approval workflows
  • Creating advanced approval workflows using Power Automate
  • Adding custom actions to approval workflows
  • Integrating approval workflows with Power Apps

Module 4: Advanced Data Manipulation

  • Introduction to advanced data manipulation
  • Using expressions to manipulate data
  • Using custom functions to manipulate data
  • Best practices for data manipulation

Module 5: Advanced UI/UX

  • Introduction to advanced UI/UX
  • Using custom controls in Power Apps
  • Creating custom themes in Power Apps
  • Using advanced techniques for responsive design

Module 6: Advanced Integration

  • Introduction to advanced integration
  • Using APIs to integrate with third-party systems
  • Integrating with Azure services
  • Best practices for integration

Module 7: Advanced Security

  • Introduction to advanced security
  • Implementing role-based security in Power Apps and Power Automate
  • Using Azure Active Directory for authentication and authorization
  • Best practices for security

Module 8: Advanced Deployment

  • Introduction to advanced deployment
  • Using environment variables for configuration management
  • Implementing DevOps practices for Power Apps and Power Automate
  • Best practices for deployment