Mining Geological and Resource Modelling

Exploration/Mine Geologists

The following training agenda is targeted at upskilling Exploration/Mine Geologists with ~2+ years’ experience. These would be geologists with basic skills in geology, maths, existing software skills and lateral/critical thinking and problem-solving ability. The approach with this is moderately different to the entry level course in that greater emphasis is given to the more advanced components.

1.Modelling Concepts and Software Use

Course participants will learn the basic theory and concepts behind geological and resource modelling and conduct exercises in the relevant software (e.g., Micromine; Leapfrog). Key outcomes will be how to manage data effectively and how to create basic geological models.

2.Basic Resource Estimation

Participants will work through basic-intermediate level resource estimation theory (Fundamental Geostatistical Concepts, Inverse Distance, Kriging, Variography) and associated exercises to put in practice the previous learnings.


Reporting of results/outcomes is critical whether it be for internal purposes to support decision making or to the general public if the company is listed on a local or international stock exchange. The participants will be introduced to the key concepts of reporting of results, reporting under the JORC 2012 Code, the communication between regulators/companies/investors, reporting check lists and how to analyse public reports. Case studies will be used to support the training.