Google Ads

About the course:

You will learn the foundations of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising with Google Ads (formerly AdWords), the industry-leading PPC platform. First, explore how Google Ads works and how it fits with what your business—and your customers—need.

Then, learn how to set up a new Google Ads account and start researching your keywords: the foundation of all great advertisements. After he demonstrates how to set up a new campaign and write your first ad, instructor Brad Batesole shows how to use Google Ads reporting and Google Analytics to monitor your Campaign’s performance. Brad also shows how to optimize ads to get more clicks, conversions, and, ultimately, more return on your investment (ROI). Plus, go beyond the basics with ad extensions—a feature which can increase your click-through rate by several percentage points.

Our Mission:

To provide dynamic and engaging digital marketing training that not only imparts expertise but also inspires a passion for creativity, strategic thinking, and continuous learning, enabling professionals to excel and lead in the competitive digital space


Explore the world of paid advertising and its role in driving targeted traffic.

  • How it works
  • Benefits of Google Ads
  • How to use Google Ads
  • Campaign planning
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Campaign measuring
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Campaigns implementation ” Search, GDN, YouTube, Mobile
  • Quality Ads
  • Ad Extensions
  • Campaign Creation
  • Campaign enhancement
  • Reporting
  • Hands-On Training