Feasibility Studies: Preparation, Analysis and Evaluation

Course Objectives:

The course aims to teach the participants the following knowledge and skills:

  1. Realizing the importance and the objective of a feasibility study,
  2. Knowing the content and the different sections of a feasibility study,
  3. Knowing the difference between Feasibility Study and Business Plan,
  4. Acquiring the skills of writing different sections of a feasibility study,
  5. Preparing practical financial analysis using Excel
  6. Knowing the concept “Time Value of Money”,
  7. Analyzing investment decisions

Course Content

This training program will cover the following:

  1. The concept of feasibility studies and the importance of preparing them
  2. The relationship between feasibility studies and the business plan of projects
  3. Components of the feasibility study:
    • Analytical description of the project
    • Market Analysis
    • Technical Analysis
    • Legal Analysis
    • Organizational and Management Analysis
    • Financial Analysis
    • Summarizing the conclusion and summary of the feasibility
  4. Pricing products and services
  5. Calculating loan repayment methods (Amortization Plan)
  6. Calculating asset depreciation
  7. Financial analysis of the project
  8. Calculating the Sensitivity Analysis of the project
  9. Calculating Cost-Benefit Analysis using the following percentages and methods:
    • Return on Assets (ROA)
    • Return on Equity (ROE)
    • Net Profit Margin
    • Payback period Method
    • Net Present Value (NPV) Method
    • Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Method
    • Break-Even–Point

11.   Teaching Method:

  1. Theoretical explanation using PowerPoint
  2. Presenting practical examples and discuss them with participants
  3. Working in groups to prepare feasibility studies for their proposed
  4. Working in groups to prepare their projects’ financial Analysis and making their investment decisions.

Target Participants

This  training  program is   targeted  to  managers  and  employees  of finance departments, analysts and financial advisors.

Course Duration

The duration of the course is five days.