Fault Geometries and Fractures Patterns of Petroleum Reservoirs

Day 1: Fault Geometries
1 Introduction to Structural Geology in Petroleum Reservoirs
2 Fault Geometries, Fault Resolutions and Fault QC
3 Fault Traps and Fault Seal Analysis
4 Oman Main Tectonic Events
5 Oman Reservoir Fault Styles in North, Central and South Oman
Day 2: Fracture Pattern
1 Introduction to Fracture Patterns in Petroleum Reservoirs
2 Fracture Data Sources and Measurements
3 Fracture Characteristics from different Datasets
4 Fracture Modelling and Assessments in Reservoir Models
5 Static and Dynamic Behaviors of Fractures in the Petroleum Reservoirs of Oman
Day 3: Field Work (Fault Geometries)
1 Introduction – Main Rock Sequences in North Oman
2 Way to Quyoot 1: Fault Growth and Fault Coalescence
3 Way to Quyoot 2: Fault Relays and Segmentations
4 Wadi Nakhr 1: Fault Stepping and Detachments
5 Wadi Nakhr 2: Fault Complex Geometries in vertical sections
Day 4: Field Work (Fracture Pattern)
1 Introduction – The stratigraphy and Facies of Natih and Shuaiba
2 Jebel Nahdah – Fracture Gallery: Impact of Mechanical Stratigraphy in Fracture Patterns
3 Jebel Madmar – Fracture Amphitheatre: Fracture Corridors in Natih Formation
4 Jebel Madar: Fracture Corridors in Shuaiba Formation