Business Plan for Projects

Course Objectives:

The course aims to teach participants the following knowledge and skills:

  1. Understanding the objectives of a Business Plan,
  2. Differentiating Business Plan from Feasibility Study,
  3. Acquiring the skills of writing different sections of a Business Plan,
  4. Calculating “Break-Even Point” with different products mix using Excel Sheet,
  5. Preparing practical Financial Plan,
  6. Preparing the three potential short and medium term Financial Statements,
  7. Analyzing investment decisions

Course Content

This training program will cover the following:

  1. The concept of Business Plan and the importance of having
  2. The relationship between Business Plan and Feasibility Study of a
  3. Calculating “Break-Even Point” to meet your project’s short-term to medium-term targets.
  4. Components of the feasibility study:
    • Executive Summary of the Business Plan
    • Description of the project
    • Products and Services
    • Marketing Plan
    • Development Plan
    • Operational Plan
    • Organizational and Management Plan
    • Financing Sources
    • Financial Plan
  1. Strategies and Policies of the Business plan
    • Competition Policy and Market Positioning
    • Production Method Selection Policy
    • Pricing Policy of the project’s products or services
    • Customers’ Credit Facilities Policy
    • Suppliers’ Credit Facility Policy
    • Competitive Advantage Policies
    • Advertising Policy
    • Customer Retention Policy
    • Customer Complaints Handling Policy
    • Delivery policy of products or services to customers
    • Product Development Plan and Production Processes
    • Staff Selection Strategy
    • Senior Executive Management Selection Policy
    • Staff Skills Development Plan
    • Policy of strategic alliances with suppliers, financiers and customers
    • Outsourcing Policy and Sub-Contracts
    • Timing and Stages of Funding Policy for the Project
    • Raw Material Inventory Management Policy
    • Strategy for dealing with professional consulting offices

Teaching Method:

  1. Theoretical explanation using PowerPoint
  2. Presenting practical examples Using Excel Sheet
  3. Working in groups by preparing business plans for their proposed
  4. Working in groups to prepare their projects’ Break-Even Point, Financial Plan and to make their investment decisions using Excel

Target Participants

This training program is targeted to managers, head of departments, Business Development specialists, advisors, and operational, Marketing, financial analysts.

Course Duration

The duration of the course is Four days