Basic Workover

Sub-Discipline                                                       Well Intervention

Discipline                                                              Production

Modality                                                                Engineering Classroom

Course Level                                                         Awareness

Course duration                                                    5 Day

Course Objective

The course emphasizes the role of engineers and field operators in planning and executing the workover operations to maintain and increase field production and thus add to the profitability and recoverable reserves. Also it has the significance of the team concept as a factor in optimizing operations success.

By the end of this course, attendees will have an understanding of the industry’s basic technologies in field of designing and executing workover jobs in their respective operations. They will have knowledge of selecting the appropriate method for the particular operation and perform the task in a safe and efficient manner.

Topics Covered Audience

  • Workover engineers
  • Well service engineers, petroleum engineers, drilling engineers
  • Technicians working with well service field operations.
  • Production, maintenance, wireline, etc.
  • Field engineers,
  • Operations supervisors and any other staff involved in the field operations.


Basics of well construction and well completions.



Pre Test

Pressure control equipment

  • Quick Union/Stuffing Box BOP stack
  • Pipe ram o Shear ram
  • Group discussion Rigless workovers
  • Types of slickline

Braded line

Wire line/electric line

  • Surface Equipment introduction o WL Unit/Power Pack
  • Hoisting Unit
  • Video

Group discussion & Quiz


Lubricator/pressure test procedures

Subsurface equipment

  • Rope socket/stem /jar
  • Shifting tool/overshot/kick over ..
  • Group discussion & Quiz Cement bond logs
  • CBL/VDL log
  • Advanced cement log
  • Cement squeeze operation
  • Video Fracture Gradient
  • Definition/introduction
  • Case history
  • Group discussion & Quiz


Subsurface Safety Systems

  • Types of Sub Surface Safety Valve
  • Remotely Controlled Sub Surface Safety o Quiz
  • Well Completion accessories
  • Types of Production tubing string
  • Tubing accessories o packers
  • Group discussion o Video
  • Group discussion & Quiz


The Stage of Completion o Initial completion o Re-completion

  • Wellhead Systems

o Introduction to Wellhead Systems o Functions of Wellhead Systems

  • Group discussion & Quiz Well head components
  • Tubing head spool o Casing head spool o Case history


Group discussion & Quiz



  • Acidizing introduction
  • Acid types
  • Acid applications o Safety


Group discussion

  • Open hole operations
  • Introduction o Applications o Case history
  • Cased hole operations
  • Brief to cased hole
  • Types of cased hole – Video

Post test