Advanced Cementing

  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Date: 16 – 20 Oct 2022  &  23 – 26 Oct 2022
  • Type: ONLINE via Microsoft Teams

Course Objective

This course is designed to deepen cementing knowledge by reviewing frequently recurring cement operational problems (e.g. gas, losses, HPHT) and give advanced level practical understanding of cement evaluation. Significant time will be spent covering various different cement plugs (LC, P&A, KO, remedial). Additionally, calculations for the correct placement and positioning of plugs will be reviewed. Procedures for the proper testing of a plug as well as the proper lab testing/verification will also be addressed.

Participants will be instructed in how to evaluate cement jobs using logging tools (sonic and ultrasonic). Emphasis will be placed on the correct interpretation of these logs rather than the tool itself, in order to understand the principle and working mechanism of the tool. The cement logs will be also be viewed from a QA/QC point of view

i.e can the information contained in the log be trusted and contribute to well integrity.

Course will conclude by reviewing job signature and evaluation through the wellhead pressure, flow rate and density control parameters.

Topics Covered

  • Sustained casing pressures
  • Cement integrity and stresses
  • Cement Plugs
  • Type of plugs
  • Plug Placement
  • Plug setting Tools
  • Plug Calculations
  • Plug Evaluation
  • Lost Circulation Cementing HPHT
  • Cementing
  • Sonic cement evaluation theory & exercises
  • Ultra- Sonic cement evaluation theory & exercises


Those drilling engineers or rigsite team who wish to progress their awareness/foundation level knowledge to a skilled/advacned level.


Basic cementing knowledge and/or Cemnting Operations experience.

Agenda Day 1

  • Introduction and Recap of Basic Cementing
  • Sustained casing pressure (this includes gas migration during the whole life of the well)
  • Cement integrity and stresses

Day 2

  • Cement Plugs
  • Type of plugs
  • Placement
  • Tools
  • Calculation
  • Evaluation
  • Day 3
  • Lost Circulation
  • HPHT Cementing

Day 4

  • Sonic cement evaluation theory
  • Sonic cement evaluation exercises

Day 5

  • Ultra- Sonic cement evaluation theory and integrated exercises.

Quiz – Evaluation